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The UCCT revalidation e-portfolio, in partnership with ConvaTec, is available completely free to support you in meeting the NMC revalidation requirements. ConvaTec is supporting the revalidation by providing a series of educational modules available free of charge in our Learning Zone.

The E-Portfolio

The e-portfolio can be used safely and securely to record any relevant revalidation activity (not just that associated with UCCT). The easy-to-use e-portfolio dashboard will show you at a glance the progress you are making towards revalidation.

Check out our video introducing the Revalidation zone:

Full details of how to use the system are set out below.

Accessible from JCN, GPN and UCCT, the Revalidation Zone dashboard will show you at a glance the progresss you are making towards revalidation.

JCN Revalidation

Also on the dashboard, you will be able to review each section of the revalidation requirements and check in on your progress.

JCN revalidation

Uploading information to your Revalidation Zone portfolio is quick and easy. You can store all the information the NMC requires, and upload supporting documents as you gather evidence. When the time comes for you to revalidate, a simple click of a button will provide you with all your documents as well as a customised PDF of your information.

Please log into your account and click the button below to access your Revalidation Zone.

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