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MoliCare® is one of the market leading continence brands loved by millions worldwide.

In the UK, we have been the trusted partner for healthcare professionals for more than 35 years helping over 85,000 patients each year in the UK alone through our home delivery service.


HomeDelivery360 is provided alongside MoliCare® products offering a comprehensive range of services fully adapted to meet the needs of the continence service.  Smart software helps our customers to manage their patient data and advanced reporting tools support budget planning. HomeDelivery360 features two unique software solutions, ALiGN and Clarity.


ALiGN is part of our patient data management system, it cross checks details against the patients NHS spine database, improving data accuracy and ultimately helping you to prevent fraud.  Our ALiGN technology is simple, it cleanses your patient database, removing patients who have left the area or have passed away, leaving you with an active patient list. 


Clarity is our decision-driving dashboard.  Clarity makes complex data simple and shines a light on areas which you may be in the dark about.  Now you can see a clear picture of your budget achievements and make informed decisions that will help you to meet your Trusts objectives.


HeLP is our e-learning platform offering a flexible approach to training.  HARTMANN Home Delivery customers can take part in our easy-to-use, online continence training programme free of charge.  With HeLP you can gain valuable training when it best suits you and at your own pace, giving you more clinical time to care for patients.

Innovation in absorbent products

Our products are designed for both men and women, from shaped pads and adjustable slips in a choice of absorbency levels right up to severe incontinence providing a tailored solution for patients living with incontinence. 

Our latest innovation is our new generation slip, MoliCare® Premium Elastic.  Side panels in the traditional Slip are replaced with elasticated panels for improved comfort and quick and easy application.  MoliCare® Premium Elastic adapts to all body shapes and movements for closer fitting and combines ergonomic handling for caregivers helping to reduce stress on the body.  

Learn more about MoliCare® Premium Elastic:

Top Up with HARTMANN Direct

Research has shown that up to 67% of incontinence sufferers run out of products before their next NHS Home Delivery.  That’s why, with HARTMANN Direct we’ve made the same MoliCare® products available for patients to buy directly.  We’re transforming the way incontinence sufferers manage their condition by enabling patients to ‘top up’ and buy the same product for which they’ve been clinically assessed by the healthcare professional. 

Visit HARTMANN Direct for discreet top up delivered directly to the patient’s door: www.hartmanndirect.co.uk


HARTMANN is also committed to working with key stakeholders in the NHS to improve the standards of wound care. Our wound management solutions provide healthcare professionals and patients with reliable and effective products that combine clinical efficiency with comfort.

HALO is our advanced logistics online ordering system that is intuitive, user-friendly, and allows flexible product ordering while maintaining budget control through locally dictated authorisation levels. With a dedicated UK based IT Team and PRINCE2 dedicated Project Lead, the ISO 27001 certified system allows local control and regular audits for security. HALO delivers Cost Control, Resource Efficiencies and Management Reporting that ease the logistic burden on customers, maximising benefits for their patients.

Vantage 360
HALO is part of our VANTAGE360 Solutions Toolkit, which is designed to drive cost efficient and productive service improvements, analysing patient needs to improve concordance, meeting patient outcome requirements and enhancing the patient experience. To find out more about how these solutions will help enhance your wound care services, visit our website (www.hartmann.co.uk) and get in touch with us.