Last month Bladder Health UK launched a new resource for catheter users, Urinary Catheter Handbook

The handbook aims to provide comprehensive information about the different types of catheters, their uses, and the latest innovations in technology. The authors also offer practical advice on self-care and hygiene to minimise complications as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from users.

Some examples of what is included in this guide include:

•    The urinary tract
•    What a catheter is and reasons for urinary catheter use
•    Indwelling and intermittent catheters – what they are, why they are used, support and guidance, self-care, fluid intake, troubleshooting and frequently asked questions
•    Urinary tract infections
•    Useful resources.  

It is hoped that this handbook will serve as a valuable resource for catheter users, providing the information and support they need to manage their catheter effectively. In addition, it is also hoped that the guide will serve as reminder to users that they are not alone in their journey and organisations like Bladder Health UK are there to support them.


Acknowledgements and special thanks

Bladder Health UK acknowledge the support and help received in the production of this handbook from the following organisations:
  • - Forty49 Ltd – for the design and illustration
  • - Convatec for sponsorship of the design and printing.

The handbook has also been produced with the help and support of Susannah Fraser, Lyndsey Allen and Suzanne Evans, from Bladder Health UK and Laura Corner and Elly Atherton, from convatec.
Bladder and Bowel UK (2024) Urinary catheter handbook. Available online: