Indwelling catheters are associated with an increased risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) and their use is not restricted to a hospital setting (Waskiewicz et al, 2019). The use of hydrophilic catheters for intermittent catheterisation can reduce the risk of developing a symptomatic urinary tract infection by 16% and increase comfort during use by minimising urethral trauma, when compared to non-hydrophilic coated catheters (Rognoni and Tarricone, 2017). 

GentleCath Glide – A Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

GentleCath™ Glide is a sterile, single use, hydrophilic urinary catheter that is designed for fast and convenient intermittent use. It is indicated for transient, routine drainage of the bladder and should be removed immediately after emptying.
Gentle Cath

Gentle Cath

FeelClean™ Technology

GentleCath™ Glide uses FeelClean™ Technology to improve user experience.

Unlike traditional catheters that have an external hydrophilic coating, FeelClean™ Technology embeds the hydrophilic additive into the GentleCath™ Glide catheter material. This means all surfaces of the catheter are hydrophilic, from the tip to the end.

When water is applied to the outside of GentleCath™ Glide, it is attracted to the surface of the catheter where the hydrophilic additive is embedded, instantly creating a slippery surface. Within a wet environment, it will continue to retain its hydrophilic properties.
In in vitro testing (ConvaTec data on file), GentleCath™ Glide with FeelClean™ Technology had less extracted residue on removal than competitive products tested.
However, once the catheter dries out, it is simply dry, as before use, with no sticky residue.
Thus, for the user, FeelClean Technology facilitates:
  • Quick lubrication — GentleCath™ Glide is ready to use once the length of the catheter is wet with water, so it can be used quickly and discretely
  • Low friction insertion (ConvaTec Data on File 2) — the smooth, slippery surface is designed to make catheter insertion easier  
  • Convenient catheter insertion anywhere — GentleCath™ Glide has a sticky pad to attach the pack to the wall to keep the user’s hand free for insertion.

No-touch handling sleeve

GentleCath™ Glide also has a no-touch handling sleeve to help prevent contamination of the catheter with bacteria from the hands (Charbonneau-Smith, 1993; Hudson and Murahata, 2005), helping to minimise the risk of contamination with micro-organisms.

GentleCath™ Glide does not contain DEHP (Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate), which is used to soften PVC plastic and is suspected to reduce fertility.

What do GentleCath Glide users say?

In a study of 39 users (ConvaTec final report):
90% of patients rated GentleCath™ Glide better than their usual catheter for comfort during use
87% of users rated GentleCath™ Glide with FeelClean™ Technology better than their usual catheter for cleanliness 
>85% of users rated GentleCath™ Glide with FeelClean™ Technology ‘very comfortable’ or ‘comfortable’ for comfort on insertion and comfort on removal. 

Additional resources and support

For people using intermittent catheters and their clinicians, Amcare™ and the me+™ Programme are also available to offer resources, advice, support and product delivery.
Amcare™ Group 

The Amcare™ Group has provided a nationwide home health support service to people living with stoma and continence conditions for over 30 years.

The Amcare™ Urology Nurse Team provide a CQC registered service for assessment, treatment and diagnostics, and are there to help and support both clinicians and patients with continence or urology issues in their homes or in clinics. The Team aims to help take pressure off services as they can respond to any patients experiencing issues with their urology and continence products and help clinicians reduce their backlog of patients waiting to be seen.

Amcare™ Home Delivery works in partnership with the NHS to offer users a full range of stoma, continence and bowel care products, delivered directly to their door. Whatever product is used, Amcare Home Delivery can manage the whole process for them.

It has an award-winning delivery partner, DPD, which has a reliable fleet of almost 3,700 vehicles with far reaching coverage from Scotland to Cornwall, also delivering to the Channel Islands and the Outer Hebrides.

In summary, Amcare™ can:
  • Provide peace of mind for users of urology products by making the ordering and delivery of products simple, reliable and discreet
  • Use a wealth of experience to be able to compassionately support and advise clinicians on all aspects of caring for patients with urology conditions
  • Customise the service provided to every customer to suit their needs.
Me+ Logo

The me+Programme

The me+™ Programme was developed to alleviate the fears and worries associated with all aspects of intermittent self-catheterisation including products, support and services.

It was created in collaboration with clinicians and intermittent catheter users to provide a range of resources, tools and information alongside professional advice and personalised support from the Amcare Urology Nurse Team.

The me+™ Programme for continence care features web-based resources, including user guides. These provide instructions and tips on using GentleCath™ products to ensure each individual user has access to the information they require to start catheterisation. The me+™ Answers section also offers users help finding the most relevant answers and information easily and quickly.

Locating the resources

To find out more about GentleCath™ Glide with FeelClean™ Technology:
To watch a video about GentleCath™ Glide with FeelClean™ Technology:
For Amcare™ support and advice call 0800 88 50 50 or send an email to or for more information
To join me+™:


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